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How To Infuse Joy Into Your Day

Yesterday I had a fabulous Uber driver with whom I chatted with at length about professional success and fulfilment. We agreed that personal success is questionable if you arrive at the end of your days simply having ticked off a list of achievements. I’d go so far as to say you’ve wasted your life.

My Uber driver had been a high-profile executive working between Canada and Melbourne month on/month off. Five months ago he left his job and started driving. He shared how he now loves to simply follow the GPS – able to discover and explore new places. Arriving in quaint suburbs he turns the bookings off for an hour and enjoys a coffee at the local café. His only real problem getting too buzzed on caffeine after four coffees a day.

Whilst we may not all have the financial flexibility to step back from our chosen career path, there are so many ways that we can weave joy and pleasure into our daily existence. What are the things that you love doing? Whether it’s the morning espresso you make yourself before you leave for work or the cuddles your children greet you with as you walk through the door. Make time for and be Mindful of these moments of joy. Set time aside to include and reflect on these - and watch as your daily experience shifts. What we focus on grows.

Below I’ve listed a just a few ways you can infuse more joy into your day (and if you’ve read my book F-This, you’ll find some of these under the FUN Chapter)

· Random Acts of Kindness

Spread joy like confetti! Leave a kind note for a colleague, buy a stranger's coffee, or compliment someone's shoes. Acts of kindness not only brighten someone else's day but also fill your own heart with warmth.

· Nature Breaks

Take a breather in nature. Whether it's a stroll in the park, sitting by a river, or just feeling the grass under your feet, reconnecting with the outdoors can be a simple yet profound source of joy. And if you’re stuck in the city… Look UP. There is a boundless sky just beyond those buildings!

· Lunchtime Escape

Break free from the lunchtime routine. Don’t sit at your desk all day. Explore a new cafe, have a picnic in the park, or simply eat your sandwich while people-watching. It's amazing how a change of scenery can add colour to your day.

· Gratitude Graffiti

Get creative with your gratitude! Keep a small notepad or some sticky notes handy and jot down things you're thankful for throughout the day. Stick them on your fridge or workspace—it's like creating your own joy-filled graffiti wall.

· Laughter

Laughter is the best medicine. Personally, I get a few giggles on the daily from the memes that my sisters and kids send me! But you can watch a funny video (big fan of Ali Wong here) or listen to a comedy podcast. For laughter turns the most mundane day into a memorable one and releases the stress we often unconsciously hold onto within ourselves.

· Mindful Moments

Practice mindfulness in everyday activities. Whether it's a cup of your favourite tea, taking a mindful walk, or simply pausing to appreciate the beauty around you, these small moments can add a touch of serenity to your day.

· Creativity

You may have heard it said that routine is the enemy of instinct and creativity. Inject creativity into your day. Try a new recipe, embark on a DIY project, or pick up a hobby you've always been curious about. The joy of creating something with your own hands is unparalleled. And if you’re not curious about much, that’s ok too. Often, we don’t know that we love something until we try it. I’m the type of person who will try anything – once. So, pick something – anything. A new restaurant with a type of food you think you’ll dislike. You may just be surprised.

· Small Indulgences

I remember reading many years ago a book that spoke of a man packing up his wife’s clothing after she had passed away and finding beautiful lingerie that she had bought for a ‘special occasion’. She had not deemed any occasion special enough and the lingerie lay forlornly tissue-wrapped in her drawer.

Who relegates their favourite items for use only on ‘special occasions’? The best champagne glasses… the weekend car. Reframing how we view today – that every day is in fact special and deserves to be marked as such – ensures we incorporate practices that will elevate our daily experience.

· Celebrate The Small Wins:

Acknowledge and celebrate your achievements, no matter how small. This is something I am incredibly passionate about! If you’re more of a ‘Mr Incredible’ and subscribe to the school of thought that believes, ‘They keep finding new ways to celebrate mediocrity’, remember that life is a series of moments, and each accomplishment deserves a moment in the spotlight. There is no guarantee that tomorrow will come… so celebrate today with generosity of spirit.

It's the little moments, the simple pleasures, and the playful detours that make the journey worthwhile.

If you’d like to talk further about infusing more joy into you day, book a discovery call with me.

Wishing you a workday filled with wonder.



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