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About me

Growing up as the daughter of two pastors who were actively involved in (and took their children on) missions work, the regular 9-5 in an office was always a little stale for me.  I needed more out of my work. To effect change.  Plus a little excitement!

My childhood was certainly a little different to the norm and birthed in me a world view that was intrinsically outward focussed.  I was always looking to be part of something bigger than myself. 


I went on to experience what it is to have massive change forced on you - and for your measures of personal success to be challenged - when my husband's business failed on a very large scale after the GFC in 2009.   It was on the back of this that I developed what was to become the foundational framework for my book "F-This".

In 2012, I started my own small business which I ran for seven years - selling prior to relocating to the Northern Rivers of NSW in 2020.  There, I worked coaching and mentoring hundreds of new entrepreneurs and startups on Federally funded programs over a three year period.  A business is a living entity - the health of which is intrinsically linked to that of it's owner and management team.  Through Covid and floods, the most rewarding part of these roles was to witness the changes that were possible in people's lives as they were given tools to change their mindset and holistic strategies for success.  And it was in this I discovered the potential to be part of something bigger than myself!

As of 27 November 2023, I will be managing a Federal Program offering Business Coaching.  Thus, from this date, Rachel Daphne Coaching will transition into the provision of Life Success Coaching services only. 


If you are curious about building a life where the end goal is not the only metric and you experience joy and fulfilment on the journey, book a free 30 min call with me to chat.  Or, book a Goal Setting or Life Coaching session today!

You can read Rachel's full professional bio on LinkedIn.

"The best way to predict the future
is to create it - 
A Lincoln."

My Mission

To create a paradigm shift and impart practical strategies that will elevate you to new levels of excellence, enabling you to experience fulfilment and joy whilst building strong supportive foundations for rapid success.  

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