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Are You Just Setting Goals - Or Are You Smashing Them? Six Steps That Will Help You Achieve Your Goals.

Updated: Feb 5

Having goals that are aligned with our values is one of the best precursors for success, but how can we make sure our motivation doesn’t fizz out in Feb?…. Below are Six Steps that will help you deliver on those dreams!


Break It Down: Divide your goals into smaller, more easily achieved milestones.  This not only makes the process less overwhelming but builds confidence and self-belief as you condition yourself to EXPECT that you will achieve each goal. 


One technique I have used with clients is to encourage them to treat small daily tasks as a goal. For even the most mundane activities such as cleaning your teeth in the morning, say out loud prior to entering the bathroom “I am going to go and clean my teeth now”.  Five minutes later you have delivered on a verbal contract you made with yourself.  Consistent repetition then builds a trust relationship with yourself. You will soon be approaching all your goals with the expectation that you will indeed achieve them.  Remember, it doesn’t matter how small your steps are.  It’s the consistency that counts.


Visualise Success: You just knew I was going to say this, didn’t you?  Try taking just five minutes each morning to sit quietly and clearly picture your ideal day.  Visualise a scene at the end of the day that suggests your day’s goals have been achieved.  Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds and feelings.  Your subconscious can’t tell the difference between what is real and imagined, thus visualisation enhances motivation and predisposes you to actions aligned with creating this as your reality.


Create A Routine:  Set yourself up for success. Schedule in time for activity that progresses you towards your goals.  Begin with a time audit to identify how long it takes you to complete each task daily. Then, use methods such as Calendar Blocking or Habit Stacking to schedule in your goal-related activity.  Tasks that have time allocated to them are far more likely to get done.


And on the topic of time… did you know that recent studies have reported that the average office worker spends less than 2hrs and 23mins per day working and the average time mobile phone users spend on the internet per day is 3hrs and 43mins!  So, if you think you don’t have enough time to complete your goals… maybe consider a little less on the socials :P


Stay Accountable: I personally completed my Reflection, Alignment and Direction Goal Setting activity in early January.  I have one goal that I’ve struggled with.  So, I asked one of my closest friends to hold me accountable.  She has been regularly checking in with me as to my progress. 


Share your goals with a friend, family member or mentor - and make sure it is someone whose opinion you truly value.  Accountability fosters commitment, and sharing progress creates a sense of responsibility.


Prioritize Self-Care: Physical and mental well-being significantly impact your ability to achieve goals. Ensure you get enough sleep, eat well, and schedule breaks (and holidays)!  Often, we treat those for whom we are responsible with much greater care than we show ourselves. 


Note the Prioritize above.  I’m a huge advocate for Self-Care as the FIRST activity in your day.  Whether this is a session at the gym, a cup of your favourite tea whilst you journal or a walk barefoot on the beach, ensuring that you have taken time for yourself first allows you to be Present and to focus on all the activity that comes next.


Reward Yourself: Acknowledge and celebrate your achievements along the way. Treat yourself when you reach milestones, no matter the size.  A win is a win.  Honouring yourself recognises effort, reminding you of the progress already achieved and reinforcing positive behaviour. 


Remember that success is as much about the journey as the destination.  So, make sure you have FUN along the way.


Here's to making 2024 your most successful (and enjoyable) year yet!

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